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The Consortium is for all who are desirous to be part of Qcircle and its growth plan.  It features a unique Knowledge Ecosystem for members to help one another to re-position themselves in today's global economy and the challenges of the future ahead. 



1. Get Award. Be distinguished : 

>> Competency Award
>> Certification Award
>> Globlisation Award.  

Award gives you the opportunity to create your own job, profession or business.




2. Subscribe eConsortium. Choice of Plan : 

>> Affiliation Plan
>> Registry Plan
>> Strategic Partners Plan.  

Consortium Plan allocates you the privileges and reward for business returns.




3. Select Domain. Get Brand Affiliation : 

>> Good knowledge domain
>> Rich business content
>> Ready marketplaces.  

Internationally recognised Domain Brands for value creation and application.   


 Be part of the Ecosystem Consortium for grow together.