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Qcircle is an ecommerce enabled Consortium. It hosts a chain of business entities with good domain brands and has a large infrastructure of cyberspaces for global education and business development among networked members worldwide. Its main focus is on digital innovation for new jobs and businesses and the regeneration of ideas to create new value. The platform enables members to partner among themselves for intra-business privileges and e-commerce reward. 


Qcircle is a leading portal of business and education

We are an e-commerce enabled new world consortium.

A venue for cooperative learning and doing business worldwide.


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Job, Business and Value Chain Creation Worldwide

We are in constant self-formation, development and growth.

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Complimentary Starters Plan for all participants of Qcircle's Events.


Awards + Rewards

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Select a Knowledge Domain 

Qcircle hosts over 500 domain brands to augur strategic digitalisation and growth. All participants will be digitally connected to a knowledge domain for cooperative learning and cross business development. 

  1. Knowledge Domains @ The eConsortium

    Global Exchanges in a new e-Business Paradigm. Dedicated to all educators, entrepreneurial innovators and service providers to re-position themselves in the new world of doing business.  Be part of Qcircle and its eConsortium Ecosystem for growth together. Essentially participants are systematically inducted  the eConsortium, here members with different core competencies and businesses help one another to enhance each other performance in today’s digital marketplaces and economies. Choose a knowledge hub to participate. 

Click on internationally recognised specialty portal to participate or know more. Post to consult.

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Subscribe to a Consoritum Plan 

Participants choose a Consortium Plan to align themselves to Qcircle   

  1. Consortium Plan

    Participation at Qcircle is by subscription of a Consortium Plan. The Plan allocates privileges and rewards. 








Value Chains


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Develop Value Chain with Domain Brand

Get a choice of Strategic Global Media (SGM) to create a new job or business or to reposition to enhance your existing business. 

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    Choice of SGM Module.

    Strategic Global Media is a fast track project based program to get participants to advance their job and business with the internet. It is also an induction program to align members competencies into the eConsortium @ Qcircle. 





The eConsortium

Awards + Rewards

Qcircle Education + Business Development Portal

Qcircle Education + Business Portal with pathway directed practical development to create a new job and business systematically with a consortium plan. All consultation, education and business services are provided provided by fellow members of the Consortium. 

  1. Education and Business Innovation

    International Enterpreneurial Innovation.  Innovate and integrate your competencies and businesses into the eConsortium @ Qcircle. You can be part of Qcircle and its globalisation plan.  Under the strategic digitalisation process, you can create your own job and business worldwide and develop your choice value chain at the eConsortium for growth together.

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