Co-office in Malaysia

MY Conference Room (Premium)

Suitable for in-house group co-working and event presentation.

$RM 300 per 2-hour block

MY Conference Room (Basic)

Suitable of in-house group working / consultation and event presentation.

$RM 200 per 2-hour block

MY Co-office Executive Suite – 1(Full-time)

Suitable for Service Providers and In-house Mentors

$RM 1,500 per month

MY Co-office Executive Suite (Part-time)

Flexible working day to suit your business arrangement and for in-house business development.

$RM 500 per month

MY Co-working Space (General)

Flexible working space to suit your entrepreneurial need and for in-house business development.

$RM 600 per month

MY Co-working for Internship

Flexible working and learning space with fellow members and entrpreneurs.

$RM 500 per month