Job & Business Creation


Innovation Public Offer (IPO) – Job and Business Creation – Event

You can enroll in our proposed  Growth Plan directly at Opportunities @ Qcircle.
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For who? All persons seeking full or part-time, virtual or real, flexible and parallel career / business  opportunities.

Delivery Mode :  Group Job Consultation and Business Coaching session. Limited to 10 persons per session.
(This is not a seminar . Participants are expected to explore BPII and Qcircle’s prepared environment and come for constructive business dialogue.)

What is Job and Business Creation?

Job and Business Creation is essentially for all job and business prospectors. The event aims to generate creative development of job and business and to instill the essence of innovation to achieve a real growth outcome.

The event helps you to explore possibilities and leads you to discover new initiatives for your growth endeavours. It provides you a new challenge and the development pathway to create your own jobs and businesses.

Program Format and Agenda

Introduction of Qcircle and its Growth Plan.
Review of Consortium Plan Privileges and Financials. Make your progression plan.

Progression and Growth Plan

Guided development opportunities and directed Growth Plan for self-actualisation of returns.
Participants will be given a one-year Starters Plan to find the fit at Qcircle.


  • Session 1 :  Presentation and Business Dialogue. (3 + 3 hours)
  • Session 2 : Follow up consultation on Action Plan (2 hours) (by appointment)
  • Submission of a choice Qcircle Award and progression plan (optional)