Globalisation for Leaders


Globalisation for Leaders 

For who? All entrepreneurs and professionals. Business and education service providers or business owners

Delivery Mode :  Group business consultation and coaching session. Limited to 10 persons per session.

(Participants are expected to explore Qcircle’s prepared environment and come for constructive business dialogue.)

What is Globalisation Leadership?

Globalisation Leadership is for all change makers and those seeking to pioneer new works. The Event is for the regenerative development and creation of ideas for a new world marketplaces. The focus is on achieving real growth through innovation.

Program Format and Agenda

Visionary project plans are presented foe deliberation.
Project Proposal and Review for implementation.

Progression and Growth Plan

Participants with a viable business proposition for integration @ Qcircle will be accorded an Associate or Registry Plan subscription.


  • Session 1 and 2 : Business Seminar and Dialogue. (3 + 3 hours)
  • Session 3 : Follow-up on Action Plan (2 hours) (By appointment)
  • Submission of project for accreditation or upgrading of Consortium Plan (Optional)