Certifying Professionals with Mentoring Plan :: Opportunities for professionals by specialization.

Q : How to get Associate Plan for Privileges and Reward ?
A : Be a Qcircle Certified 

Job Opportunities : Qcircle Certified Professional with a specialization
Consortium Status and Privileges : Associate Plan


The Program  Plan is for suitably qualified members to create a work opportunity and to develop themselves with a specialisation.

On completion of the program, members can apply for a Certification Award (open) and be Qcircle Certified and are eligible to advance themselves to be part of Qcircle on subscription of an Associate Plan.

Certified Professionals are affiliated with Qcircle and its Consortium of businesses. They are recognised and granted the opportunities to promote and or conduct Qcircle’s specialty education and business services.


Certified Professionals are provided with an Associate Plan (Professional or Corporate ) for self-actualization of financial returns. See Schedule of Affiliation Privileges and Reward.