Building a new world Consortium
The eConsortium @ Qcircle

Globalisation Leadership.

For all learning institutions, business, education and professional providers who are desirous to be part of our Knowledge Ecosystem as a Consortium Registry Member or Strategic Partner.

This is an advance application program. Participants are expected to have an existing business or business project plan.  Our focus at the Event is on creating value and enhancing each other performance at Qcircle.

Open Forum and Business Dialogue
Why Innovation Public 0ffer (IPO) ?
What is Investment in Innovation?
How it works?
What are the unique privileges?

Case studies on the model of Qcircle’s Ecosystem for Growth.
The ideological constructs and applications of Qcircle is open for new value pursuits.

How Qcircle eConsortium and its built ecosystem meets the challenges of the Future.

All participants are provided with

–  Starters Plan for a year to explore the growth opportunities @ Qcircle.
–  An appropriate Consortium Plan for participants with a constructive plan for integration to enhance each other performance.
– Complimentary pass to attend the opening session of the Conference as an invited guest or as a active Consortium Member.

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