Open Enterprise Innovation

Open Enterprise  Innovation and Development 
The new way to progress

Qcircle is an e-commerce enabled Consortium for cooperative learning and doing business worldwide. You can participate as a Solution/ Service Provider or Solution Learner / Clientele for growth together through a strategic integration process. 

All participants are part of Qcircle and its eConsortium Ecosystem. Members with different competencies and specialties are integrated in the chain of interconnected knowledge domains for synergistic outreach. Here, consortium members help one another to create job, business and value chain among themselves at the eConsortium. 


Digitalisation in Business Growth

BPII Growth Plan is now digitally powered by Qcircle eConsortium Ecosystem. Here, we offer virtual spaces for co-business development with our domain brands. Participation is by subscription to a consortium plan

For who :  All entrepreneurs, professionals, education and business service providers including societal service groups as well as learning institutions, business and professional organisations.

Privileges : Job and business creation. Value chain creation. 

Entrepreneurial Innovation
Job and Business Creation

Innovate for new  job and business opportunities.
Consortium Plan for privileges and financial reward.

Strategic Globalisation
Value Chain Creation

Create new value chain in the eConsortium
Domain Brand Affiliation for ready digital marketplaces.


Self-help job and business development @ Qcircle. Directed eLite Program :
 A practice based development program for all to learn to innovate and be transformed. Enterprise @ Qcircle. Internship and practicum are available. On completion, members are empowered to promote Qcircle and its applications as a value added extension to their core business. 


Globalisation of Businesses. Create digital value chains at the eConsortium. 
All members are provided with an online innovation space and choice of virtual suite to aid their development. They can subscribe to a dedicated domain brand for affiliation and co-identification in doing business at Qcircle.