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Specialty Domain Brand for development  

All subscribers of Registry Plan and collobrative partners  can apply for sub domain for development and be part of global consortium.  

>> Easily recognised knowledge domain.
>> Ready business content
>> Rich keyword domain brand 

Develop your allocated sub-domain to transform yourselves to the new way of doing business worldwide. 



Qcircle is a uniquely a new world eConsortium, it is now open for cooperative learning and development. It features a knowledge ecosystem with a structured Global Education plus Business Portal to regenerate new growth and a set of well integrated specialty knowledge domains for synergy built-up.

  1. Select a knowledge domain for the affiliation

    Explore our portfolio of knowledge domains and their opportunities. Find your own fit.

    Select a choice specialty sub domain that best suit your competency and business interest. 

  2. Subscribe to a Enterprise Tranformation Pack for development

    Enterprise Tranformation Pack is available to aid the development and activation for eConsortium recognition.