Consortium Plan


Business. Subscribe to a Consortium Plan
for privileges and financial rewards

The eConsortium @ Qcircle.  

The eConsortium is for all Qcircle Award Holders / Qualified Professionals and Certified Professionals or their own /  sponsored business entities.  It features a unique Knowledge Ecosystem for members to help one another to align their competencies and enterprise @ Qcircle. 

Participation is by subscription of a Consortium Plan. The Plan allocates business privileges and financial returns.  



Affiliate Plan

For holders of Qcircle Competency Award.
Category : Qualified Affiliate : Qualified Corporate.

Be affiliated with Qcircle for cross disciplinary development and doing businesses ... know more


Associate Plan

For holders of Qcircle Certification Award.
Category : Certified Professional / Certified Corporate.

Qcircle for inter-disciplinary development and intra- businesses ... know more


Registry Plan

For holders of Qcircle Globalisation Award. 
Category : Members Business Online : Ecommerce : Partners Registry.  

Get choice of knowledge domain for online brand affiliation know more


Strategic Partners Plan

For all distinguished business and education service providers.
Category : Industry : Education : Knowledge Partners.  

One Shared Knowledge Ecosystem. Proposals are also welcome ... know more