We generate ideas and create values. We are the leading hub in empowering the career of individuals and improving the performance of businesses. We offer a wide range of pathway opportunities for members to learn, innovate to enterprise and re-position themselves to our new world Consortium for cooperative learning and doing business worldwide @ Qcircle ... know more >>


The Ecosystem Consortium

Education + Business. Qcircle is an Ecosystem Consortium in constant self formation and growth. Join the eConsortium and be part of its ecosystem of growth with a Consortium Plan. The Plan allocates business privileges and financial returns.


Entrepereneurial Innovation Award :
Job and business creation worldwide.

Opportunities @ Qcircle. Entrepreneurial Innovation. Work anywhere and everywhere. We provide you a Portal to create your job or business. Full or Part-time, Real or Virtual. Flexible or Parallel Career / Business option. 



Directed Growth Plan

Self-help Development and Innovation. 
  • Create a job
  • Create a profession
  • Create a business 

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Job @ Qcircle
  • Be Qualified. 
  • Certifying Members
  • Subscribe Affiliation Plan
Job by Profession
  • Be Certified.
  • Certifying Professionals
  • Subscribe Affiliation Plan
Business by speciality
  • Be Global.
  • Certifying Businesses
  • Subscribe Registry Plan


Globalisatioon for Educators, Enterpreneurs and Professionals
Enter the New World Consortium

eConsortium @ Qcircle.  One Ecosystem Consortium for growth together. Subscribe to a Consortium Plan for business privileges and rewards. Get a rich key word knowledge domain name for brand affiliation. Apply Award to get started.


1. Get Award

Be recognised with an added credential :

  • Competency Award
  • Certification Award
  • Globalisation Award

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2. Subscribe Consortium Plan

Plan allocates privileges and rewards 

  • Affiliation Plan
  • Registry Plan
  • Partners Plan

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3. Select Knowledge Domain

Quick brand affiliation with specialisation : 

  • Good domain brand
  • Value added business content
  • Ready marketplaces

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Unique Privilege -1 : Qcircle and its Domain Brands

Shared Resources. Inter-disciplinary and Transnational. Click on knowledge domain to participate or know more. Post to consult or apply for brand affiliation.

Unique Privilege - 2 : Qcircle Apps and its Value Plan

Value Creation. Qcircle Apps is an add-on business privilege incorporated in our domain brands.  Consortium Members are authorised to advance Qcircle Apps as a value added feature for income generation to enhance their business performance. Click to see overview .