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IPO Event : The Future of Business.
Building the New World Consortium 





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For who  ?

For all learning institutions, professionals and entrepreneurs, business and education service providers.

What is Investment in Innovation?

Investment in Innovation is a proposition plan for members to learn, innovate and enterprise at Qcircle. Members actualise their own business returns with our prepared environment. It is about innovating Education and Business to regenerate a real growth dynamic. Sustainability and good return on investment can be achieved with our ready set of integration gateway plans and brand development processes that enables members to create their jobs or businesses or to improve the performance of businesses.

Program Format and Agenda

Introduction of Qcircle -  generating ideas and creating values for real growth.
The business model and how it will benefit you.

What is Ecosystem ?
The future for cooperative learning and business development.

Self-help job and business creation opportunities for sustainable returns.

The future of business @ Qcircle -

Participants will be guided to the development opportunities.  
Presentation of Consortium Plan and Schedule of Privileges for self actualisation of investment returns.


Coping with Globalisation - The dynamic of the evolving /expansionary Global Economy ( and Impact of trade agreements).

  • Session 1 and 2: Seminar and Forum. (3 + 3 hours)
  • Complimentary post event Business Consultation (3 hours follow up, Date/time to be advised)
  • Application for Qcircle Award and submission of progression plan (optional)

.SMU Conference Room..
23 January 2016, Saturday. 9.30 am to 4.30 pm


All Graduates, Educators, Entrepreneurs or Professionals or Business Owners in any discipline and practice size

  • All participants are provided with one year complimentary membership as Qualified Client User to explore Qcircle's prepared environment for further participation.
  • Members are directed to the Qcircle Education and Business ( " E+B " ) Portal and LITE @ Qcircle for continual development and advancement to be a Consortium Member.

Pre Event Action :

All participants are expected to explore Qcircle online and be prepared for a constructive forum and dialogue among participants and members.

Post Event Action :


On completion of the Event, eligible participants can apply for an appropriate Qcircle Award and submit an Investment Proposition for subscription to a Consortium Plan self actualisation of financial returns.

As members, you are welcome to subscribe to any of its Education or Business Modules for your growth endeavours. You can also subscribe to a Mentorship Plan to aid in your development process.

Please check with your local host for details. Program proper may varies to meet the local needs of participants.