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Co-event Hosting

ePartners  @ Qcircle are welcome to submit their interest for delivery of these programs in their host location.
If you are not a Corporate Host, you will be directed to an appropriate Corporate Host on application.  Alternately, you can contact us at BPII direct for more details on prequalification process.


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All registered participants are automatically recognised as a Qualfied Client User @ Qcircle on enrolment.
Complimentary upgrade to an appropriate Consortium Plan on successful completion of event.   



Induction Workshop

Digital Induction | Choice Innovation Pathway to new Opportunities

- Self-help Innovation Plan

- Self-paced Progression Plan 

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Enterprise Workshop

Entrepreneurial Innovation | eLITE Program | Enterprise Internship | Practicum

- Entrepreneurial Start-up

- Job and business @ Qcircle

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Box_qcircle_eCommerce Globalisation_1000x500

Digitalisation Workshop

eCommerce Globalisation | SGM Solutions | Digital Transformation

- Strategic Development of Businesses

- New Value Chain @ Qcircle 

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ePartners Workshop

Strategic Digitalisation | Brand Affiliation | Digital Franschises

- eConsortium Partners Plan

- Integrated Value Chain @ Qcircle 

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