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Consortium Registry Plan is for all Qualified Members and Certified Professionals who are desirous to be part of Qcircle for growth together. Registry Members promote a variety of Qcircle Applications as their add on services.

The Plan provides Brand Affiliation, an alliance of Qcircle’s specialty knowledge portals and service channels with Members’ core competency and business interest for synergy.



Get Privileges. Be ready for global opportunities.

Brand Affiliation for growth with a Registry Plan.

Choice selection of a Consortium Registry Plan.

– Members Business Registry
– Members Ecommerce Registry
– Global Partners Registry

Consortium Registry Members are empowered by Qcircle Global Education and Business Development Portal in their growth process. Registry Members in reciprocity promote Qcircle and its Applications as value added services in the delivery of their core competencies or businesses. Registry Members are provided with a dedicated sub-domain for business. Registry Privileges and Program (RPP) Plan are allocated by Registry Plan.

Brand Privileges:
– Easily recognised brands and knowledge domains

– Rich business contents and ready marketplaces

– Quick activitation with Qcircle Apps

– Good financial model of investment returns

Get your Registry Privileges and Program (RRP) plan for self-actualisation of business returns

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