Professionals Strategic Global



An advance Professional Improvement Program
Qualifying Program to be an Associate @ Qcircle

Uniquely, a brand affiliation and development process. 
» Get SG Ready Award (2) 
» Eligible to subscribe as an Associate or advance to be a Global Host for reward.

Professionals Strategic Global

Professionals SG is a SGM Application Module to prepare business and professional service providers to global marketplaces. Digitally affiliated to a good domain brand to enhance the delivery of their specialisation and offer of Qcircle's applications, products and services. 

An integration module also certifies participants and digitally as an Associate @ Qcircle. 

  •  Ready value added services 
  •  Brand affiliation with internationally recognised domain brand and specialty portal.
  •  Strategic development of Members’ competencies and businesses to enhance performances.
For who?
  •   All suitably qualified business and service providers
  •   Certified professionals in any discipline.
  •   Profile Identification Listing as an Associate @ Qcircle
  •   Associate Privileges and Rewards

You can advance to be an Associate with a SG Ready Award (2).