Infocomm Solution Gateway



SGM App to brings businesses into an online presence.
Qualifying Program to be Affiliate and Professional Associates @ Qcircle.

A practical project to position participants to internet.
» Get SG Ready Award (1).
» Eligible to subscribe as an Affiliate or advance to be a Business Host for reward. 

Infocomm Solution Gateway

Infocomm SG Plan is a basic SGM Application Module to position participants to grow their businesses with an online presence . The plan also provides pathway to align their business and professional services for cross disciplinary development and doing businesses with fellow members at the eConsortium @ Qcircle.

  •  Ready business plan for outreach.  
  •  Brand affiliation with internationally recognised knowledge domain and specialty portal.
  •  Gateway and Integration of participants’ competencies with Qcircle for services.
For who?
  •   All business and professional service providers
  •   Entrepreneurs and start-ups
  •   Affiliate @ Qcircle. 
  •   Affiliate Plan Privileges and Reward  

You can advance to be an Affiliate with a SG Ready Award (1)