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    Get Credential Award


    Be Qualified:
    The Award is an application for recognition and for Members to upgrade their status upon attainment of a higher competency or for potential members who have prior academic qualification from a local government approved learning institution seeking affiliation and development opportunities at BPII and its QCircle Members Portal.

    Members Credential Award is an eligiblity certification for applicants to be inducted to an Affiliation Members Plan, namely as Qualified Member Associate, Certiified Members Professional. Fraternity Members Credential are available by those who possess specialty education. On subscription to an Affiliation Plan, members will be accorded the use of Members Credential. All members are entitled to participate in the Qcircle Global Education and Development Portal for growth process.

    Members Credential Award and Affiliation Plan :
    The consideration for the award is reviewed by three options of assessment.

    Membership Competency Assessment
    Transnational Education Assessment
    Direct Entry Assessment
    Members who has acquired a new qualification or specialisation and desirous to advance themselves may directly submit at Members Credential Application for Upgrading.

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    Subscribe to Affiliation Plan


    Get Credential. Be recognised for service.

    Learning to Enterprising. You create a job or a business on subscription of an Affiliation Plan.

    Entry level is determined by competency certification of prior learning and experience. Members are accorded an appropriate Credential Award and Affiliation Privileges and Program (APP) Plan. Affiliation Plan is classified into three main categories.

    – Plan 1 : Qualified Associate

    – Plan 2 : Certified Professional

    – Plan 3 : Certified Corporate

    Participants can subscribe to be a Qualifed Client User (Open) to begin the journey for growth at the Qcircle Portal

    Entry Certifcation: Entry to an appropriate Affiliation Plan is by Membership Competency Assessment, Transnational Education Assessment or Direct Entry Assessment. Members Credential is awarded in the process.

    Plan and Opportunities: Members Open Plan and Affiliation Plan 1 provide learning fellowship and applied education pathway opportunities. Affiliation Plan 2 and 3 are enterprising plans that accord members with Affiliation Privilege and Programs (APP) and the pathway to participate at the Qcircle Consortium Members Registry.

    Specialty Membership: Members with relevant academic and professional qualification may also apply for parallel certification to be a member at an appropriate Knowledge Faculty and accorded a specialist credential.




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    Get Certification Award
    Multi disciplinary. Inter connected  worldwide

    Qcircle, the New World Consortium
    Trusted Consortium Members Registry

    Search. Verify. Connect at Registry Members Roll.

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    Strategic Global Ready Award

    Knowledge Partners Portals are strategic partners of Qcircle. Together they provide cross business development opportunities for members subscribers. All Registry Members are professional and business service providers or owners in their own field of specialisation.. They are empowered to promote Qcircle and its branded products and applications as value added services in their business portfolio.

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    Subscribe to Registry Plan


    Get Privileges. Be ready for global opportunities.

    Brand Affiliation for growth with a Registry Plan.

    Choice selection of a Consortium Registry Plan.

    – Members Business Registry
    – Members Ecommerce Registry
    – Global Partners Registry

    Consortium Registry Members are empowered by Qcircle Global Education and Business Development Portal in their growth process. Registry Members in reciprocity promote Qcircle and its Applications as value added services in the delivery of their core competencies or businesses. Registry Members are provided with a dedicated sub-domain for business. Registry Privileges and Program (RPP) Plan are allocated by Registry Plan.



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     Activation by self action for holders of Strategic Global (SG) Ready Award and a prepaid subscription to a Consortium Registry Plan.
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     Aided development and activation by Qcircle SGM Applicators / Professionals and a prepaid subscription to a Consortium Registry Plan.
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