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BPII offers a unique Qcircle eConsortium Ecosystem for  networked members to partner among themselves for cooperative learning, cross business development and intra ecommerce rewards. It provides both virtual and local service support including online Apps and co-working-innovation spaces for members to help themselves to enhance each other competencies and performance. Here, members can get in-house support or team up online to offer mutually beneficially services. All products and services are provided for members by fellow members.

Enterprise @ Qcircle. Partnership Privileges by Consortium Financial Plan

@ The eConsortium | Build your own job and business portfolio


  1. Partnership | Award and Reward

    icon_Qcircle1_50x50 Explore QCircle’s prepared environment and its growth paradigm : Qcircle is open for participation by a choice of Consortium Financial Plan.  Immediate Job and Business Start-up



  1. Qcircle Apps | Intra-business and eCommerce Exchange

    icon_Qcircle1_50x50Opportunities and purposeful exchanges @ QCircle Apps.  Members Partners login to submit Service Request and applications. Complimentary login as friends to explore. 



All participants are systematically inducted into the Qcircle eConsortium Ecosystem. They will be digitally connected to a specialty domain brand and financial plan to advance their competencies and businesses or to create new job and business opportunities. 


  1. For who?

    All participants who are desirous to be part of the eConsortium at Qcircle. Start-up and entrepreneurs who need practical support from a fellow member.


  2. Program | Innovation Spaces

    Qcircle Induction Program | Online Innovation Space | Learn and Earn. Work Anywhere Everywhere.
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    SGM Digital








    eLITE Online







  3. Internship | Partners Application Submission

    Service Request Form:

    • Members professionals, education and business service providers as dedicated BPII – Qcircle Consultant / Mentor or in-house Advisory Team
    • Start-ups and entrepreneurs who need networked practical support or team up with fellow members for inter-disciplinary project or in-house support.
    • Established service providers / owners who are desirous to be in the Qcircle’s Consulting Partners Panel @ BPII may also apply with a business proposal plan. 

    Please read available options. Select and fill up as appropriate for submission.
    State your needs and project proposition clearly.

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