Founder and Chairman

Dr A.T. Ong, BBM
PhD (Curtin, Australia), MBA (Brunel, UK), BSc (Bldg Econ)(Hons)(Herriot-Watt, UK),



Dr Ong is the Founder and Chairman of BPI International Group Pte Ltd. He is multi-disciplinary trained. He received his basic studies in Singapore and his university education in United Kingdom. Under an auspicious of a University Postgrade Scholarship, he has conducted extensive research and development while in Australia where he earned his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

He has attained the status as Fellow Member of various professional institutions in United Kingdom and Australia, namely Chartered Management Institute, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Institute of Building, Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and Australian Institute of Building. He is also a past President of Singapore Institute of Building.

Dr Ong is also the Founder of Singland SGM, Chartered Network and Montessorian World International. He began his career as a Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Builder. In his first entrepreneurial endeavour, he established Building Practice Consultants in 1981 offering his professional services in real estate development and construction. In 1985, he converted it into Building Practice (S) Pte Ltd for a diversified growth into Asia and Australia. Since then, it has grown into a multi-faceted organisation.

He embarked on his doctoral studies in the early years of his entrepreneurial journey. With his accumulated professional and business experiences he made a self-challenge to research on the behavioural dynamics that works in the changing environment. In 1990, he was awarded a Curtin University Postgraduate Scholarship to complete his research program.

As a passionate educator and entrepreneur, he formulated BPII Learning Initiative in 1995 with his alma mater to establish an applied education pathway for adult students and thousands of them have since successfully complete their degree awards. He was appointed as an Adjunct Professor of Curtin University, Western Australia for many years. As a Honorary Regional Director and Advisor for offshore academic development, he initiated and successfully implemented various degree and industry partnering programs.

A visionary leader and innovator, he blended education and business for his global outreach. In 2005, he mooted a Global Learning Network and a Strategic Globalisation Plan for entrepreneurs and professionals. The Plan initiates a strategic development and integration gateway to align members’ services and competencies into one global network for inter-disciplinary learning and doing business in the emerging new economy.

Dr Ong has now grouped both his works and ideologies developed over 30 years into one large digitalised infrastructure with an International Entrepreneurial Innovation (IEI) paradigm for substainable development and growth. In regeneration, he created Qcircle as an online division of BPII and offers it as an open e-commerce enabled Consortium for cooperative learning and business development worldwide. He conceptualised and built a unique eConsortium Ecosystem.

Dr Ong also believes in intellectual and social innovation to make the difference and to stay ahead. He advocates the need of nurturing visionary mind-set with global mission for the good of all. Since then, his pedagogy has evolved into a societal growth model and is the ideological construct in his Education plus Business ("E+B") Development Portal. The Portal is dedicated for all to find their own nobility and significance and to make the journey of change for the better.

His Y1985 vision of a sociogenetic model of growth is now evidenced with the transformation of his enterprise into BPII Organisation as a unique eConsortium for all to participate purposefully. Today, with Qcircle as the interactive interface, BPII is in constant self-formation, development and growth. It provides job and business creation opportunities, entrepreneurial innovation; and support societal endeavours and cooperative development among networked members.

As a recognition of his valuable public contribution to education, Dr Ong was conferred the Bintang Bakti Masyarakat (BBM) (Public Service Star) by His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Singapore in 2014.