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The eConsortium @ Qcircle 

Qcircle is the digital platform of BPII Group of Companies. It comprises of investors, business owners, knowledge developers and service providers banded together under one ecommerce enabled consortium for cooperative learning and doing business worldwide. Uniquely, an eConsortium Ecosystem where all stakeholders can enhance each other performance in their provision of their core specialty services and solutions in today's digital economies. 

All qualified particpants will be digitally connected to the eConsortium with  a choice of Specialty Knowledge Domain or Service Channel for cooperative pursuits, intra-business development and ecommerce exchanges.

  1. The eConsortium | Qcircle

    Qcircle is an ecommerce enabled platform with a large cyber infrastructure of interconnected specialty knowledge portals and service channels for cooperative learning and doing business among its members worldwide.

    Qcircle holds a chain of business entities and over 500 rich keyword domain brands grouped under 5 Knowledge Nodes and 2 Service Channels. They are digitally integrated into one mega Consortium to augur synergy and ecommerce successes. Here, members can find their interest fit, partner with one another to excel in today’s digital world.

    Qcircle is for all education, business and professional service providers and owners who are desirous to be part of Qcircle and its eConsortium Ecosystem for growth together. 

  2. Consortium Privileges | Brand Affiliation

    BPII integrated a range of diverse business entities and series of internationally recognised domain brands for participants to create their value chains at the eConsortium @ Qcircle

    >> Rich business content and ready marketplaces
    >> Good keyword domains for brand affiliation
    >> One integrated multi-faceted value chains for growth together.

     Qcircle is open for participation by subscription of Consortium Plan.

For Solution Service Providers | Clienteles | Choice participation by knowledge domain at the eConsortium.

  • Qcircle eConsortium

    For all education, business and professional service providers / owners. A unique new world consortium for intra business and ecommence. The eConsortium provides multi faceted services and strategic digitalisation.

  • BPII The Institution

    For all learners and innovators, entreprenuers and educators. Provider of new education and business development. The venue for cooperative pursuits, job and business creation. Select service domain knowledge for service request.

  • Singland SGM

    For all Infocomm technologists and developers. Provider of digital solutions and services. Customised Strategic Global Media for integration to Qcircle and worldwide marketplaces. Choice of participation.

  • Chartered Network

    For all suitably qualified persons and chartered professionals from recognised country based professional institutions. Select specialty domain knowledge for request of services and brand affiliation.

  • Montessorian World

    For all Montessorian and friends of Montessorian. Developer and Provider of Montessorian World Education and Fellowship. Select country-specific domain knowledge for development and brand affiliation.

  • Montessori Asia

    For Students and Teachers, Trainers and Trainers, Principals and Schools. Provider of Montessorian World Education. Teaching Teachers, Training Trainers. Children development. Brand Affiliation by country specific domains.

  • Internet Club

    For all internet users and learners, students and educators. A unique platform for socail and business exchange. Provider of ebizcreation program to jump start your entrepreneurial endeavours. Choice of country host.

  • Jobcreation

    For all jobseekers, entreprenuers and service providers /owners. The venue for job and career development. Choice of knowledge domain for participation and entrpreneunrial development.

  • bizcreation

    For all entreprenuers and service providers. The venue for quick biz transformation and strategic development. Choice of ready opportunities for business start-up. Service request for participation.

Build your financial portfolio @ Qcircle | The venue for cooperative learning and doing business worldwide.

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Integrated digital value chains
eConsortium Ecosystem Partnership
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    The eConsortium | Privileges

    Internationally recognised domain brands for ready marketplaces and value applications. QCircle is open for participation by Consortium Financial Plan. The plan allocates privileges and rewards. The eConsortium is for

    • Investors and Business Owners / Clienteles
    • Solution Developers / Service Providers
    • Solution Learners / Clienteles

    Subscribe to an Affiliate Plan for immediate job and business start-up. Progress to develop your own digital value chain at the eConsortium.