IPO Consortium Plan

12Jan 2016

Learn to Innovate. Transform to Enterprise @ Qcircle BPII offers both real and virtual office as well as co-working and learning space as practical support for participants. Here, you can learn to innovate with fellow members and enterprise purposefully at Qcircle. Now available in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Contact us to know more about BPIInternational […]

10Jan 2016

Be part of the eConsortium team and reposition yourself in a new world of learning and doing business. Here members help one another to enhance each other capabilities and performance. For integration, subscribe to a LITE program.

31Dec 2015

Join the Entrepreneurial Innovation Movement. Get into the journey to explore the new opportunities that await you. For starters, we include a complimentary IPO – Education + Business Innovation Dialogue – Event for you to know more about how you can progress in the eConsortium @ Qcircle. Starters Plan is also complimentary to all participants at any […]

30Dec 2015

Get business privileges and financial reward. Select a Consortium Plan to suit your competencies and interest. The eConsortium provides a multi-faceted platform for all to work cooperatively under one shared value development framework. It offers self-help programs and opens up new opportunities for growth among networked members. Here, members help one another to enhance each other […]

29Dec 2015

Create Strategic Value. Education and Business communities are welcome to be part of our eConsortium to lead in the change for a new world of learning and doing business. We provide an integrated platform with cooperative “E + B”development opportunities for members to create strategic value and partnership among themselves. We offer a series of internationally recognised knowledge domain brand […]

28Dec 2015

Qcircle is a consortium of investors, knowledge developers and service providers. It is in constant self formation, development and growth. Qcircle and its uniquely built ecosystem is for cooperative learning and business development worldwide. The eConsortium @ Qcircle, has a Global Education plus Business Portal dedicated to all education, business and professional service providers and […]