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03Jan 2018

Join the eConsortium @ Qcircle for a new frontier of growth. Global marketplace and intra eCommerce privileges. Watch out for Forum and Dialogue Session nearest to your home location or subscribe for online exchanges.

03Jan 2017

Subscribe to a Starters Plan to explore Qcircle for the growth opportunities. Get discounted ticket to attend a Strategic Global Forum or IPO Starters Event for the year. Contact your local host for details.

29Sep 2016

Explore! Learn. Innovate. Transform. Enterprise @ Qcircle BPII offers both real and virtual office support for select participants. Here, you can learn to innovate with fellow members and enterprise purposefully at Qcircle. Now available in Singapore, Malaysia and Australia. Contact us to know more about BPIInternational Centre’s leasing scheme and its “Learn and Earn” scheme.

12May 2016

Be future ready. Join the Entrepreneurial Innovation Movement. Get into the journey to explore the new opportunities that await you.  Preparatory Entrepreneurial Innovation mentoring programs are now available to get you a quick start-up. Subscribe to a “Job and Business Creation” or “Investment In Innovation” Dialogue and Consultation at an IPO Event to know more […]

08Mar 2016

Subscribe to the Starters Plan to explore the new world of opportunities @ Qcircle. Get complimentary admission to an IPO – “E + B” Innovation Dialogue to know more about our Progression Plan and how you can find your own fit @ Qcircle. All participants at any IPO Event will automatically be allocated with this Starters Plan.

23Dec 2015

Be a Global Leader. Education and Business communities are welcome to be part of our Ecosystem Consortium to lead in the change for a better future. We provide a series of internationally recognised domain brands for affiliation. It features an integrated platform with cooperative “E + B” development opportunities for members to create strategic value […]

20Dec 2015

Join the Entrepreneurial Innovation Team. The digital age brings us a new pattern of work. It provides you new opportunities to create a job or business to meet your lifestyle needs. Flexible or Parallel Career / Business option. Get a head start. Entrepreneurial Innovation Mentoring program now available. Subscribe to a Consortium Plan for business […]

16Dec 2015

The Qcircle Apps. Directed progression :: Qcircle Award > eConsortium Affiliation > Brand Activation For who :  All entrepreneurs, professionals, education and business service providers including societal service groups as well as learning institutions, business and professional organisations. Qcircle Apps is a systematic integration process into Qcircle and its Knowledge Ecosystem for growth together. Members are […]

15Dec 2015

Innovation Public Offer : Education +Business Join us in the IPO Events. There will be aplenty of exhortations and challenges in the months and years ahead about preparing for the future. Find out more about our “Plus” Factor that will make the difference to your pursuit. Here, we have built a future-ready Ecosystem Consortium for […]

14Dec 2015

The eConsortium @ Qcircle for cooperative learning and doing business worldwide. Join our growing team of aspirants at Entrepreneurial Innovation Movement for regeneration of ideas and actualization of innovative opportunities. You can begin your journey with our Starters Plan. >> Explore Qcircle and its built Education  + Business (“E+B”) environment ; >> Learn to innovate, be transformed to […]

17Oct 2015

The New World Consortium @ Qcircle. Multidisciplinary and transnational. Cooperative learning and business development worldwide. Members help one another to enhance their performance and businesses. The world is our marketplace. One shared knowledge ecosystem for Growth. The new way to progress.

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