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International Internet Club @  It hosts a chain of internet clubs around the world.  The Club is for both business and social interaction among internet users. It provides entrepreneurs and professionals the space for cooperative development with a ready ecommerce enabled platform. All members will be digitally connected at with a choice of location […]

Singland Strategic Global Media hosts a pool of cyberspace developers and builder. Provider of Strategic Global Media (SGM) Apps to align members’ competency and business into new marketplaces and opportunities. Infocomm SG and e-Biz SG Plans to transform you into the new world of digital marketplaces. All members will be digitally connected at or a choice […]

Montessorian World International @ is the world’s largest platform of country-specific montessorian and montessori domains under one global learning environment. It offers a unique “Becoming Montessorian” program for induction to the Montessorian World. All members will be digitally connected to or choice of a country-specific montessorian brand for co-identification and intra – eCommerece […]

Chartered Network International (CNI)  holds the world’s largest consortium of networked Chartered Professional service domains. Get Chartered for new business opportunities and co-identification. All members will be digitally connected from a choice of over 20 rich keyword domain names for brand affiliation and intra-eCommerce opportunties. >> Education, Business and Professional Services. >> Brand Affiliation with […]

The Institution @ provides new education and business empowerment programs for entrepreneurs and professionals. Unique Learning to Enterprising modules for members to transform or to re-position themselves in a new world of doing business. Its main focus is to provide job and business creation opportunities worldwide at the eConsortium @ Qcircle. >> Mentor-Mentee Partnership. >> […]