Vision and Mission

To be the go-to consortium for advancing the career of individuals and improving the performance of businesses.


We advocate the need for blended learning and innovation to excel in  a new digital environment. We leverage on infocomm technologies to bring about an engaged change for all. We integrate businesses, professional practices and learning into one service driven platform for our mission.

Our focus is to provide job and business creation opportunities worldwide. We support intellectual and social innovation, practical research and development for holistic growth.

We seek to specialize in the areas of applied continual education, establish innovative links between industry practices and technologies, develop internet applications and business solutions to enhance performance outcome and create growth opportunities.

We believe in cooperative learning and development in a dynamic world. Moving ahead, we are organised as one multi-faceted members' consortium with an open knowledge ecosystem. It is a new model of development for all to help each other in their growth endeavours.

We provide a systematic Progression App Plan for members to integrate their competencies and businesses into the Ecosystem for synergistic development and growth. In the process, we created Qcircle with a unique eConsortium Ecosystem for all to participate purposefully.


Our three-fold purpose driven pursuits are :

• Job and Business Creation worldwide
• Intellectual and Social Innovation for a common good
• Solution and Gateway Plan into new frontier of growth


Entrepreneurial Innovation Mission