Growth Paradigm

Into a new frontier of growth 
Education + Business Innovation. 

Education + Business Development Portal

We have blended education and business into a new growth paradigm : Members help one another and partner among themselves in their growth process.

Education : Learn to Innovate

Provider of an exploratory environment for entrepreneurial innovation. We grant Awards that lead to chain of practical job and business development opportunities. 

Business : Transform to Enterprise

Developer of a viable and sustainable eConsortium for all. We provide  a set of Consortium Plan and an integration process to reposition participants for digitalisation growth.



E + B Innovation

Strategic Digitalisation



The education plus business ( "E + B") portal is part of Qcircle's prepared eLITE environment. It provides the development framework for members to blended together to meet the challenges of a new world economy. Under the aegis of the knowledge ecosystem, members help one another to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.


The eLITE environment

The Growth Paradigm has a distinctive prepared environment encompassing four main developmental stages / zones that transformed participants to the the eConsortium for cooperative learning and doing business worldwide.

  • Learning Zone : Education Development 

Qualifying to Certified.

Participants find their interest for development and get qualified and be certified in the process. We offer Competency and Certification Awards for members to be competent in creating their own job or profession. 

  •  Innovation Zone : Business Development 

Affiliate to Associate Plan.

Participants innovate and  align their competencies and abilities with us and be distinguished for service. Here, they create their own job or business and subscribe to a Consortium Plan for financial returns. Participants can begin as a Affiliate and advance themselves to be a Associate / Registry Member at their own pace.

  • Transformation Zone : Brand Development 

Registry to Partners Plan.

Participants are transformed through our branding process. Brand Affiliation or co-branding is the new way to progress. Unique features include :

  • Keyword domain with choice of specialty for easy recognition
  • Rich content and event management system for a head start in business
  • Consortium Plan for a good return on investment

On subscription to a Registry / Partners Plan, members can apply for a specialty template for development. Members will be allocated a sub domain for the brand affiliation. There are hundreds of branded business and professional keyword domains available to suit members' personal and business interest.

  • Enterprise Zone : The New World eConsortium

 Virtual to Realty.

Upon completion of the branding process, Members Partners are granted privileges to promote and conduct Qcircle's education and business applications, product brands and service channels as value added services or add-on modules in their portfolio of businesses.