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The eConsortium @ Qcircle

Qcircle is an ecommerce enabled Consortium. It hosts a chain of business entities with good domain brands. It features a large infrastructure of cyberspaces for global education and business development among networked members worldwide. Its main focus is on digital innovation for new jobs and businesses and the regeneration of ideas to create new values. The platform enables members to partner among themselves for cooperative development, intra-business privileges and e-commerce rewards. Uniquely a built eConsortium Ecosystem for today’s growing digital economy.

The Consortium of Solution Providers and Solution Learners | Clienteles. Members Partners create their own digital value chain and financial portfolio at the eConsortium.


The Structure of eConsortium 

We have established a multi-faceted ecommerce enabled Consortium for all education, business and professional pursuits. The consortium comprises of investors, knowledge developers and service providers, including learning institutions and societal service groups banded together in one digital platform for cooperative learning and doing business worldwide.

We integrate a set of knowledge portals and provide the framework for cooperation under the aegis of the eConsortium Ecosystem.  Here, members help one another to enhance each other performance and growth. Participation at the eConsortium is by subscription of a Consortium Plan based on their competency and business interest. 

Ecosystem Partnership | Consortium Financial Plan

We provide participants the platform to work together in synergy wherever they are located in today’s globalised world and fast expanding digital economy.  All members are digitally connected to a Specialty Knowledge Domain and Service Channel for co-identification and building the integrated value chain based system in the eConsortium.

All Members Partners are trained to promote Qcircle and its Applications as their value added services. They are Qualified or Certified Professionals, Business Service Practitioners or owners with their own field of specialisation.  Strategic Partners provide the knowledge and technical know-hows while our Investment Clienteles offer capital venture funds or financial start-up support to fellow members.

The Consortium Plan allocates business privileges and reward.