Consortium Members

The Structure of the eConsortium

Under the aegis of the eConsortium Ecosystem, members help one another to enhance each other performance and growth.

The Consortium comprises of Affiliate, Associate and Registry Members and supported by a distinguished circle of investment clienteles and strategic partners from both the education and industry sectors. as well as our main knowledge partners.

The eConsortium @ Qcircle with a uniquely built ecosystem for growth provides the framework for cooperative development among networked members. Members can participate in our chain of inter-related business entities and be affiliated with our internationally recognised knowledge domains, specialty portals and service channels for doing business worldwide

All Consortium Members are granted privileges to advance Qcircle and its value added programs and applications in their portfolio of business.

The Consortium is open for participation by subscription of a Consortium Plan. The Plan allocates business privileges and financial rewards for members’ participation.


Affiliation Plan comprises three categories of participation as Affiliates

  • Qualified Affiliate
  • Professional Affiliate
  • Corporate Affiliate

Associate Plan comprises three categories of participation as Associates

  • Professional Associate
  • Specialist Associate
  • Corporate Associate

Registry Plan comprises three categories of participation as Hosts

  • Business Host
  • Ecommerce Host
  • Global Host
  • Global Partner
  • Strategic Partner
Investment Clienteles
  • Individual
  • Corporate
  • Philanthropist

Structure of the Consortium

Members Consortium


Integration Process to the eConsortium

Click here to know more about its integration to the eConsortium Ecosystem.

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