Innovation Offer



Investment in Innovation

The eConsortium @ Qcircle and its marketplaces is open for participation.

Innovate! Create your own job, business and value chain.
Advancement at Qcircle is by subscription of Consortium Plan
The Plan allocates privileges and financial rewards.


Offer 1 - Affiliate Plan
For all qualified participants

Prerequisites :

  • Holder of Qcircle Competency Award  

Privileges :

  • Job reward as per choice of Affiliate Plan

Offer 2 - Associate Plan
For professionals / specialists

Prerequisites :

  • Holder of Qcircle Certification Award

Privileges :

  • Privileges and rewards as per choice of Associate Plan

Offer 3- Registry Plan
for all entrepreneurs and service providers /owners

Prerequisites :

  • Holder of Qcircle Globalisation Award 

Privileges :

  • Investment returns as per choice of Registry Plan

Offer 4 - Partners Plan
for Business collaborators / owners

Prerequisites :

  • All registered hosts or well established learning institutions, education, business and professional service providers.
  •  Completion of Enterprise Transformation program

Privileges :

  • Partners Plan Privileges and Reward.

Strategic Partners are usually by nomination or invitation, however those who are interested to partake in our eConsortium Ecosystem for growth together can make known their interest to us. 


Exclusive Offer - Investors Plan
Investors as Innovation Nodes 

Prerequisites :

  • Any financially capable person or corporation can commit to support one of the entrepreneurial innovation teams purposefully 
  • Investors who has a business idea and investment plan are welcome to submit their proposal for our consideration.

  1. 1
    Value Chain Creation @ Qcircle

    Digitalisation Plan with Domain Brands :

    Domain brand affiliation is a unique privilege feature @ Qcircle. We offer a series of easily recognised domain names as strategic gateways to position members into worldwide marketplaces and digitalisation growth.  They are interconnected for cross business development and collaboration among members in one multi-faceted eConsortium.

    Digital Development features :
    Ready marketplaces and rich domain brand

    >> Enterprise Tranformation – 1 : Brand affiliation for Registry Members

    >> Enterprise Transformation – 2  : Co-branding for Global Partners / Strategic Partners

    The integrative brand development is accorded as a privilege to all subscribers of Registry and Partners Plan.


  1. 1
    Return on Investment

    Returns on Innovation :

    Participants are granted business privileges and financial rewards based on the consortium plan subscribed. Other value added features include :

    >> Choice value chain at the eConsortium for digitalisation growth
    >> Good brand affiliation with choice of internationally recognised specialty domain name.
    >> Easy Qcircle Apps for income generation and enhancement of members’ financial performance.