Innovation Practicum  | Get a ePartner to aid your idea regeneration
Guided Real Project Development with eConsortium Plan Award

BPII Digital Entrepreneurship

Investors and Business Owner
and all eCommerce Consortium Partners  

  • Solution  | Business Developer
  • Business Service Provider in any discipline
  • Professional with  Specialisation
  • Educator | Mentor | Trainer


Enterprise Development

  • Practice based Project Development
  • Local and international business support
  • Real and Virtual spaces for collaborative innovation

Inclusive features

Global business development. Fully furnished choice office space for eConsortium Partners 

Partitioned and fully furnished offices, conference and meeting rooms for entrepreneurs and professionals in any discipline

Intra-busines development. Innovate with BPII Resources. Create a collaborative Project Management Team|

Business Support | Real or Virtual Office

  • Education and business and professional service providers
  • BPII – Qcircle Consultant / Mentor or in-house Advisory Team
  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs who need networked practical support or team up with fellow members for inter-disciplinary project or in-house support.
  • Established service providers / owners who are desirous to be in the Qcircle’s Consulting Partners Panel @ BPII may also apply with a business proposal plan.

Business Plan

  • Find a eConsortium Partner to aid your development
  • Create a Project Team | Innovate with BPII Venture Resources
  • For location based practicum, select a local

Flexible Users Plan | Co-working and Innovation Space

Select a Usage Plan

 Select a Usage Plan


Co-project Development | In-house or Online

Apply | Singapore Program 

Apply | Australia Program

Innovation Propositio | Online Application

Please read available options. Select and fill up as appropriate for submission. State your needs and project proposition clearly. You will be directed to the next course of action..

Innovation Practicum
by knowledge domain

Internship and Practicum is open for participation online or with local support as a Business Affiliate, Associate or Corporate.

Please fill in the details below to request for participation :
1. Choose a knowledge category and provide your proposal plan
2. For submission by applicant with a preferred Qcircle Mentor, the Referral Code is the Mentor’s membership numbers. For direct application please enter 001122. A Qcircle Consultant will be allocated to you to guide your progression.