Digital Venture Building with eConsortium Partnership Plan

Strategic Development of firms in the digital economy. Unique Enterprise Development Program with Value Addon eConsortium Plan Rewards. All participants and eConsortium Partners are digitally connected a specialty domain to create a value chain at the eConsortium for enhancement of their core competencies or existing businesses

Global Enterprise Development Program

Enterprise features
  • Internationally recognised Knowledge Domain Brands and Service Channels
  • Choice of over 500 domain brands for strategic development
  • Ready businesses and marketplaces
Venture Building | Application
  • By eConsortium Plan
  • By Specialisation | Business Interest
  • By ePartnering Scheme

Venture Building | Advisory and Application

Explore and select a knowledge domain that suits your development need. Our Job and Business Advisors | Knowledge Strategists will provide you with more information  of our eConsortium Plan on successful application

Digital Enterprise Set-up

Aided | Directed Development