Digital Franchise Application
Easy Enterprise Start-up or Scale-up

Value Brand Affiliation | Over 500 specialty brands for strategic development and digitalisation of businesses

Choice Enterprise Brand Digital Franchise | Application with a Consortium Set-up Plan


Choice of Specialisation | Marketplace

Key Features :

  • Digitally inter-connected specialty domains with ready marketplaces and intra-businesses
  • Internationally recognised brands to augur online franchise and globalisation successes.
  • All participants are digitally connected with a domain brand to create their own value chain within Consortium

Enterprise Brands

Qcircle holds and manages over 500 specialty domain brands with strong keywords and descriptors. Grouped under 5 Knowledge Nodes as Specialty Portals and 2 Service Channels, these rich domain names are strategically interconnected into one global platform to augur sustainable development and growth among all its participants.

Domain Brands are offered for strategic digitalisation and co-identification with Qcircle.

Participants can subscribe to be an Affiliate for job and business privileges. Affiliates can advance to create their choice value chain in the eConsortium and offer their core products and services. They can also select an area of specialisation with a choice specialty domain from the five knowledge nodes for a quick online branding and startup.