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The eCommerce Consortium @ Qcircle
Awards and Rewards

  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs who need networked practical support or team up with fellow members for inter-disciplinary project or in-house support.
  • Professionals, education and business service providers who are keen to be a BPII-Qcircle dedicated Specialist, Consultant, Mentor or be part of in-house Advisory Team
  • Established service providers / owners who are desirous to be in the Qcircle’s Consulting Partners Panel may also apply with a business proposal plan.

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Participation is determined by competency verification of prior learning and experience. Subscribers are accorded an appropriate category of privileges and rewards for their participation. Affiliate Plan is classified into three categories. View Affiliate Consortium Plan before application. Find your own fit and progress at your own pace and place.

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Prospects and Privileges

1 : Business Centre Support

For all participants | Regional Business Support

ePartners Development Office and Innovation space

2 : Progressive Value Addon eConsortium Plan

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