Opportunities at BPII Consortium
Ready Jobs, Businesses and Marketplaces



Jobs and Businesses


Venture anywhere anytime.


Immediate Opportunities

Full or Part time

Flexible job or business as a

  • Qualified Affiliate Consultant
  • Job and Business Advisor 
  • Professionals in any discipline as Specialist Consultants, Educators and Mentors

Make a proposal. All succesful applicants will be awarded with an appropriate Affiliate Financial Plan as a start-up reward. You can advance to a higher plan at your own pace.

Self-help | Online Job and Business Induction

Qualifying Event
  • All applicants  are automatically recognised as a Qualified Client User @ Qcircle on successful application.
  • BPII Qcircle Professional Consultant | Mentor will advise you to an immediate  appropriate position and guide you on the next stage of progression.   

Select a Consortium Plan based on your interest. 



Affiliate Consultant | Professional  as a

– Qualified, Professional or Corporate Affiliate

– Self-paced Progression Plan 


Certified Professionals| Specialists as a

– Professional Associate or Corporate Associate

– Job, career and business @ BPII Qcircle

Corporate Hosting | Location based or Virtual


Business or Regional Host

ePartners  @ Qcircle are welcome to submit their interest for delivery of BPII | Qcircle Events in their host location.
If you are not a Corporate Host, you will be directed to an appropriate Corporate Host on application.  Alternately, you can contact us at BPII direct for more details on prequalification process.



By Specialisation or location as a

– Corporate Business or Global Host

– Specialty Education or Regional Host