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BPII offers an Open Enterprise Venture Program. It is a directed  innovation process for education, business and professional service providers or owners to transform themselves digitally to today’s new economy. All participants and clienteles are offered a value addon ePartnership  Plan for the delivery of its Specialty Education and Businesses through its chain of internationally recognised brands @ Qcircle.
BPII  provides a unique brand affiliation and digital franchises. A staged application module with both virtual and location based support including co-working and innovation spaces for participants to help themselves to enhance each other competencies and performance in their ventures. Here, they can get in-house support or team up online to offer mutually beneficially services. 

Directed Development | Business Leverage with Enterprise Brand

Value Addon with Consortium Financial Plan
Develop your own job, career, profession or business as a  

  • Solution  | Business Developer
  • Business Service Provider in any discipline
  • Professional with  Specialisation
  • Educator | Mentor | Trainer

Sign up as a Qualified Client User at Qcircle or email us your interest. Our Qcircle Biz Advisor can guide your growth plan and participation at BPII Qcircle Consortium. 

  • Members professionals, education and business service providers as dedicated BPII – Qcircle Consultant / Mentor or in-house Advisory Team
  • Start-ups and entrepreneurs who need networked practical support or team up with fellow members for inter-disciplinary project or in-house support.
  • Established service providers / owners who are desirous to be in the Qcircle’s Consulting Partners Panel @ BPII may also apply with a business proposal plan. 
Please read available options. Select and fill up as appropriate for submission. State your needs and project proposition clearly.

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