Founder Message

Welcome to BPII.

We generate ideas and create values. BPII offers you a new way for progression.

The way to progress has taken on a new dimension with the advent of new technologies, the emergence of a knowledge economy and the increasing awareness and emphasis of social responsibility in our closely inter-connected world.  

The successful development of a person or business is correlated with a range of factors. These have been widely expounded in many publications and applied in various ways. However, we see the need for a new purpose driven Enterprise Growth Model that can provide sustainable development and is self responsive to change in today’s increasingly competitive and technology-driven environment.

In the digital era, a new global value chain has emerged to replace the traditional hierarchy of working and doing business. The world environment is indeed rapidly changing but it also offers us unlimited innovative opportunities for adaptive development at the same time. Staying relevant, our focus is on building strategic collaboration and connectivity to create new values and mutually beneficial relationships. 

Established in 1985, we have since evolved and created a digital platform for a new frontier of growth. Here, we introduce you a cohesive plan, dynamic yet easily learned and with an actionable pathway to help you in the transformation process to the new world.

In our digital venture, we incorporate a shared value system into our development model with a virtual and eCommerce exchange hub for all to participate purposefully worldwide. Embodying both societal and economic pursuits, we adopt a collaborative approach with an integrative knowledge ecosystem to achieve for a common good. Going forward, we

• establish a new model of growth with a regenerative innovation paradigm for all to create noble ideas and values through intellectual, technological or business innovation ;

• integrate education, businesses and professional practices into one global platform for cooperative learning and development among its digitally connected stakeholders around the world ;

• develop a range of pathway initiatives for participants to advance themselves and help one another to learn, innovate and enterprise in a rapidly changing real as well as virtual environment. 

In the process, we have created the ecommerce enabled Consortium @ Qcircle with a unique ecosystem of growth. Today, our aim is to be the go-to Consortium with a mission of empowering the career of individuals and improving the performance of businesses. Under the aegis of the eConsortium, we are now capable to offer 

• a new Education plus Business (“E+B”) Development Portal to confer credential awards for recognition of participants’ achievements and offer them the opportunities to create their own job, profession or business wherever they are residing ;

• a set of Consortium Plan for participants to partake in one shared knowledge management system that has synergistic impact on the performance of each other businesses and opportunities to create value outputs with mutually beneficial returns ;

• a set of societal service channels to aid creation of job and business opportunities and to support participants’ social endeavours and entrepreneurial development.

Over the years, BPII has developed a chain of diversified businesses and acquired more than 500 rich keyword specialty domain bands. It has now grouped them under five knowledge nodes and two service channels for digitalisation growth at Qcircle. These internationally recognised specialty domains are strategically interconnected to provide intra-business exchanges and to augur sustainable growth and developmental success in the digital driven economy.

Today, BPII offers its globalised eCommerce platform and built eConsortium Ecosystem for participation by a Digital Franchise Program. We now bring our constructed virtual spaces to reality for practical pursuits. It is probably the first of its kind in the world.

Virtual to Realty, Qcircle is in constant self formation, development and growth. It features four main areas for eCommerce and virtual exchanges ;

  • Qcircle Innovators Portal
  • Qcircle eLearning Community
  • Qcircle eBusiness Gallery
  • Qcircle Apps

We trust that all participants, both students and graduates, educators, entrepreneurs and professionals, solution develepers and providers, learning institutions and societal service groups as well as our investment clienteles will find the journey with us purposeful and enriching.

Do join us in building this new world Consortium together.


Founder and Chairman

Dr A.T. Ong, BBM
PhD (Curtin, Australia), MBA (Brunel, UK), BSc (Bldg Econ)(Hons)(Herriot-Watt, UK),


Dr Ong is the Founder and Chairman of BPI International Group of Companies and BPII Organisation. He is multi-disciplinary trained. He received his basic studies in Singapore and his university education in United Kingdom. He has conducted extensive research and development under a University Postgraduate Scholarship while in Australia where he earned his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

He has attained the status as Fellow Member of various professional institutions in United Kingdom and Australia, namely Chartered Management Institute, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Chartered Institute of Building, Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors and Australian Institute of Building. He is also a past President of Singapore Institute of Building.

As a recognition of his valuable public contribution to education, Dr Ong was conferred the Bintang Bakti Masyarakat (BBM) (Public Service Star) by His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Singapore in 2014.

He has been appointed as an Adjunct Professor of Curtin University, Western Australia for many years. As a Honorary Regional Director and Advisor for offshore academic development, he initiated and successfully implemented various degree and industry partnering programs. As an Education Partner of the University, his Institution had offerred more than a dozen degree courses in Singapore.

Dr Ong is also the Founder of Chartered Network International and Montessorian World. He began his career as a Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Builder. In his first entrepreneurial endeavour, he established Building Practice Consultants in 1981 offering professional services in real estate development and construction. In 1985, he converted it into Building Practice (S) Pte Ltd for a diversified growth internationally. Since then, it has evolved into a multi-faceted organisation.

He has now grouped both his works and ideologies developed over 30 years into one large cyber infrastructure with a technological driven eCommerce Consortium for a new frontier of growth. In the process, he created Qcircle as a digital platform of BPII and offers it as a dynamic eConsortium Ecosystem for cooperative learning and business development worldwide.

BPII as an investmment holding group, now owns a chain of diversfied business entities and both real and virtual assets as well as intellectual properties. It advocates strategic globalisation and ecommerce partnering with its series of well integrated value domain brands

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