eConsortium Ecosystem
Value based Partnership in Shared Digital Growth

All Clienteles are part of Qcircle and its digital growth paradigm for growth together. Participants with different competencies are systematically integrated into the eConsortium with a choice of interconnected knowledge domains and consortium financial plan. They provide their core specialty services and enhance each other performances in the process. Uniquely a eConsortium Ecosystem

All participants/clienteles  are digitally connected to a specialty domain to advance their core competency and business interest. Strategically, they can create their own job and business portfolio and develop their value chain at the eConsortium. There are over 500 rich keyword domain brands as strategic gateways into the eConsortium for collaborative development, intra-business and ecommerce. 


eConsortium Partnership

eConsortium Ecosystem Partnership Plan

All participants/clienteles are inducted into Qcircle eConsortium Ecosystem for growth together. Participants with different competencies and specialties are strategically integrated into the eConsortium internationally recognised knowledge domain brands. They can participate in the chain of inter-related business entities, specialty portals and service channels for doing business worldwide.

BPII provides a set of Consortium Plan where all clienteles are rewarded with a financial portfolio based on their competencies and interest for their participation. They can offer their services and help one another to enhance each other performance and growth. The new eConsortium comprises of Affiliates, Associates and Corporates and supported by a distinguished circle of investment clienteles and strategic partners from both the education and industry sectors.  Here, networked stakeholders help one another to create job, business and value chain among themselves at the eConsortium.

Structured Consortium Plan


All participants are empowered by Qcircle’s applications and it integration process, in reciprocity are empowered to promote / conduct its products and applications as their value added services.  Eligible clienteles have the option to be aligned themselves to knowledge domain  and create a new value chain at the eConsortium for delivery of their core business and professional services.

Participants create a value chain with a Consortium Financial Plan at the eConsortium. The Plan allocates privileges and reward.


Shared Digitalisation Growth

All participants/clienteles are

  • Digitally connected to a specialty knowledge domain and become part of Qcircle’s value chains
  • Allocated with an appropriate Consortium Plan as their value addon to their businesses.
  • Consortium Plan provides privileges and eCommerce reward.