We are the creator of the eConsortium @ Qcircle.  Qcircle is an ecommerce enabled Consortium which holds a chain of business entities and virtual assets. Unified as an eConsortium, it now provides a set of value-based consortium plan and a digital platform of well integrated domain brands for members to partner among themselves for cooperative learning,  intra-business privileges and e-commerce rewards.

Uniquely a built eConsortium Ecosystem for today's growing digital economy. Qcircle is in constant self-formation, development and growth. Participants explore opportunities at Qcircle and progress at their own pace and place.


A consortium of business owners and service providers networked to generate ideas and create new values in today's growing digital economies.  Developer and Provider of New Education and businesses. 

  1. Education + Business Innovation | Global Exchanges

    New Education : Digital Innovation.  It is a strategic development process for participants to integrate themselves purposefully into today’s digital economies. In the process, they create their own job and business portfolio and develop a value chain at the eConsortium. Choice of over 500 rich keyword domain brands as strategic gateways for collaborative development. Digital value chain creation, intra-business and ecommerce exchanges at multi-faceted eConsortium.

    Business : Global Exchanges in a new e-Business Paradigm. A unique e-commerce enabled Consortium with a built ecosystem for sustainable development and growth.  Essentially an eConsortium Ecosystem, here members with different core competencies and businesses help one another to enhance each other performance. Explore and select a specialty knowledge domain to participate | Know more | Post to consult





Self-help Value Chain Creation
Job and Business Worldwide
Integrated knowlege domains | Ready marketplaces

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