About Us

BPII Group owns and manages a chain of diversified knowledge-based business entities and enterprise ventures with  over 500 specialty domain brands to augur digitalisation successes. Established in 1985, it has since evolved itself into a unique eCommerce Consortium @ Qcircle for a new frontier of growth in today’s digital world.
All its stakeholders are now digitally connected to a knowledge domain based on their competencies. They create their own business value chains in the eConsortium.
Our focus is to regenerate ideas for new job and business worldwide. With a built eConsortium Partner Ecosystem, Qcircle is now in constant self-formation, development and growth.

BPI International Group of Companies
Knowledge Assets and Businesses

Knowledge Nodes and Portals

BPII Digital Values

Unique eCommerce enabled Consortium :

Key features
– Digitally linked enterprises and businesses
– Rich enterprise brands for strategic ebusiness development
– Multi-faceted service chains, inter-business and intra eCommerce

Digitally linked Enterprises in one eConsortium

 Unique eConsortium Partner Ecosystem :

key features
– Global businesses and marketplaces
– Good enterprise brands for digital value value creation
– Interconnected digital enterprises and trusted eCommerce exchanges

Digital Value Creation with eConsortium Plan

Investment Products

Investment in Enterprise Brands :

Global Brand Affiliation. Choice of over 500 eBrands
– International recognition for strategic market outreach
– Banded ebusinesses in one multi-faceted eConsortium

Enterprise Brand | Business Affiliation

Investment in eConsortium :

Easy Start-up or Scale-up. Choice of  ready businesses
– eConsortium Awards and Rewards
– Ecosystem Partnership for intra-ecommerce exchanges

Digital Franchise | Enterprise Set-up

Strategic Global Platforms

Partnered eBusiness | eCommerce
Virtual Exchanges

Self-help JobCreation Portal
ePortfolio Development