BPII Group owns and manages a chain of diversified knowledge-based business entities and over 500 specialty domain brands to auger well digitalisation successes. 
Established in 1985, it has since evolved itself into a unique eConsortium @ Qcircle for a new frontier of growth in today's digital driven economy.  
 Our focus is to regenerate for new jobs and businesses worldwide. Qcircle is now in constant self-formation, development and growth. 



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A digital platform of BPII, Qcircle is an ecommerce enabled Consortium which holds a chain of business entities and virtual assets. Unified as one eConsortium, it provides a digital ready platform of knowledge domains for specialty service providers / owners of different interest to interact among themselves for intra-business privileges and e-commerce rewards. All clienteles are digitally connected with a specialty brand to advance their competencies and business interest under one mega eConsortium.


BPII is a consortium of investors, business owners and service providers networked together under Qcircle to generate ideas and create new values in today's growing digital economy. Uniquely a built eConsortium Ecosystem, here ePartners collaborate among themselves to create new opportunities, develop synergy and build their financial portfolio. Our Clienteles can now purposefully participate as a Solution Developer, Service Provider or a Solution Learner / User with a value addon  Consortium Financial Plan.


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