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We are the creator of the eConsortium @ Qcircle.  Qcircle is an ecommerce enabled Consortium which holds a chain of business entities and virtual assets. Unified as an eConsortium, it now provides a set of value-based consortium plan and a digital platform of well integrated domain brands for members to partner among themselves for cooperative learning,  intra-business privileges and e-commerce rewards.

Uniquely driven by a built eConsortium Ecosystem, Qcircle is in constant self-formation, development and growth. Participants explore opportunities with Qcircle Apps and progress at their own pace and place.


Education + Business.  Developer and provider of specialty services and solutions. BPII develops  a core of disctinctive knowledge domains and own a chain of over 500 domain brands within the consortium for digitalisation growth.

  1. Learning Organisation to eConsortium Ecosystem

    Global Exchanges in a new e-Business Paradigm. From a Learning Organisation to an e-commerce enabled Consortium with a uniquely built ecosystem for sustainable development and growth.  Essentially an eConsortium Ecosystem, here members with different core competencies and businesses help one another to enhance each other performance in today’s digital economies. Choice of blended education and business affiliation with specialty knowledge domains. 

Explore and select a specialty knowledge domain to participate or post to consult.

Integrated Value Chains.  The eConsortium hosts a platform of investors, asset developers, business owners and service providers networked to generate ideas and opportunities for a new frontier of digital growth together.

  1. Digital Innovation for new jobs and businesses

    International Enterpreneurial Innovation.  It is a strategic development process for participants to integrate themselves purposefully into Qcircle. In the process, they create their own job and business portfolio and develop a value chain at the eConsortium. Under the eConsortium Ecosystem, participants collaborate among themselves to enhance each other performances. Participation is by subscription to a Consortium Plan.  The Plan allocates privileges and rewards.

    The focus is on value creation and enhancement of participants’ competencies and core businesses. 

    Be connected to the eConsortium @ Qcircle. Join us or post to consult

Our mission is to create job and business opportunities with our Digitalisation Growth Plan


  1. Jobs

    Job and Career Opportunities


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    Business and Global Opportunities.