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Education + Business. Get eConsortium Privileges and Reward

Qcircle Apps is a systematic integration of participants' competencies into Qcircle and its Ecosystem for growth together.  Participants are strategically re-positioned and transformed to enterprise in a uniquely structured eConsortium.  

All participants are provided with a set of Consortium Plan to advance themselves purposefully wherever they are. Inducted members are empowered to promote Qcircle and its applications as a value added extension to their core business. 

You can use it as a business tool and as an eConvenience front for income generation. 

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Get Job and Business Opportunities.
Learn and Earn at the same time.
Develop your potential with Qcircle Apps.

The " E+B " Product Features : 

- Systematic integration to one eConsortium.
- Flexible entry level to meet lifestyle need.
- Easily learned action for re-application.



Accredited Award for progression with Qcircle

  • Get Started
  • Apply Award
  • Enter Progression
  1. Award – the iGateway to new world of opportunities

    Innovation is the gateway to the new frontier of growth   Qcircle Award is a recognition of your competencies and prior achievements and for participants to position themselves in the eConsortium @ Qcircle for service and growth. Subscribe to a Starters Plan to begin your progression. Alternatively, you can apply for a Competency Award to qualify for an immediate Affiliation job privileges and reward. 


Consortium Plan for job and business creation

  • Subscribe Affiliation Plan
  • Advance to Associate Plan
  • Go to Registry Plan
  1. Affiliation – job and business worldwide

    eConsortium Affiliation is a privilege for all suitably qualified persons. You can subscribe a choice of consortium plan based on their competencies and interest. The Plan allocates business privileges and financial reward. The eConsortium provides inter-disciplinary and trans-business development.

Rich Domain Brand for value creation
  • Select Domain Brand
  • Develop sub domain
  • Self or Aided Activation 
  1. Activation – econsortium Recognition

    Domain Brand Activation is easy and flexible. Members can apply and develop an internationally recognised knowledge domain for brand affiliation. You can choose either a self – activation or aided activation mode to launch your allocated specialty sub domain for eConsortium recognition worldwide.


Systematic Application.
Learnable Growth Plan.
Get Reward @ Qcircle.

Chart your progression and growth endeavour. 

  1. How to create your own business agenda ?

    eConsortium Ecosystem @ Qcircle. Submit prior qualification for a Competency Award to begin with an Affliation Plan’s privileges and reward  or join the Entrepreneurial Innovation Movement with a Starters Plan know more about the growth process.

  2. Subscription and Applications.

    1. To subscribe  click to Starters Plan @ Qcircle
    2. Submit subscription details for applicative progression plan here.

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