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The organisation for cooperative learning and business development.

We are an international consortium of investors, knowledge developers, educators and service providers.

BPII Organisation is the business name of BPI International Group Pte Ltd, a Singapore company incorporated in 1988. The company was established then as an international arm of Building Practice (S) Pte Ltd founded in 1985. The Organisation owns and manages a chain of education based business entities. In 2005, BPII embarked on the journey to transform itself for a new frontier of growth. It envisioned a cooperative platform to achieve sustainable development and growth. BPII now provides a variety of learning and entrepreneurial development initiatives under an e-commerce enabled platform. In the process, a new world consortium emerged with a unique ecosystem of growth. It advocates cooperative learning and business development among its strategic partners and networked members. The dynamics of the organisation is driven by an open knowledge management system and a series of internationally recognized domain brands interconnected for cross disciplinary support and development.  Today, it has evolved into a distinctive eConsortium for an open participation. Privileges and rewards are accorded with subscription of a Consortium Plan.  


Qcircle_logo_211x70Qcircle is a digitized platform of BPII Organisation.  It provides an ecommerce enabled Consortium for BPII and is the interactive channel to align members' core competencies, products and services into one cooperative environment for inter-disciplinary learning and development of businesses. Here, members help one other in their growth endeavors. Qcircle as a digital media of BPII provides relation building among its stakeholders and an interface between virtual and real businesses of the Organisation.

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Knowledge Partners and Portals @ Qcircle

BPII holds a variety of strategic development platforms. Together with Qcircle, it offers members a built mega infrastructure of interconnected specialty knowledge portals and service channels for inter-disciplinary learning and business development worldwide. Our main Knowledge Partners and Specialty Portals include :

  bpiiaus_logo1_160x50BPII The Institution in conjunction with BPII Learning Network provides the venue for cooperative learning, regenerative development and enterprising among its members. It provides a variety of self-help programs and opportunities for job and business creation.  It supports members' social endeavours and entrepreneurship. It has established a strategic development framework for entrepreneurs and professionals to re-position themselves for a new growth endeavour. 

Historical Milestone : It has its origin as BPII Education Centre, a training arm of BPI International Group Pte Ltd. In 1995, it entered into an collaborative arrangement with Curtin University of Technology for the delivery of professional education in  Singapore. It was one of the major partners of the University and had successfully nurtured thousands of graduates of various professional disciplines.

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sm_CNIlogowwwChartered Network International (CNI) is one integrated multi-disciplinary centre for cooperative development and business partnership.  Its Globalisation Plan for entrepreneurs and professionals advocates the need for resource collaboration in a knowledge-based economy. As a master portal, it hosts a series of distinctive business and professional specific domains. It is a consortium of business and professional service providers and strategy ready for a globalised marketplace.

Historical Milestone : CNI is a division of Building Practice (S) Pte Ltd, a Chartered Project Management Company registered in Singapore in 1985.   The firm has successfully provided numerous real estate development and construction advisory services in Asia and Australia. In 2000, CNI launched  a set specialist program and consulting service collaboration with Shanghai Jiao Tong University that augured BPII Globalisation Plan.

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sm_mwilogocomMontessorian World International (MWI)  is founded to propagate total education for the global community. It is committed to continual research & development of wholesome children education and beyond - unto adulthood. It promotes Montessorian World Education and Fellowship. It is one Global Unification Network for all Montessorians and friends. It interconnects communities in over 60 countries worldwide and 34 provinces / cities in China for learning and purposeful growth.

Historical Milestone : MWI and Montessori Teachers Training Asia Pte Ltd launched Montessori Organisation China in 2003 and Montessori Asia Council in 2005. Montessori 100 years on and between 2007 to 2010, MWI conferred the Honorary Certified Montessorian Educator (HonCMEd) Award to three renowned first generation Montessorians who  are direct students of Dr Maria Montessori.

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International Internet Club is a multi faceted development and exchange hub.  It is a platform for both business and social interaction and the sharing of regenerative endeavours of its members. It provides the space for cooperative development and networking with an ecommerce enabled platform for members to promote their services / products. Special e-bizcreation program and posting privileges for students and entrepreneurs.

Historical Milestone : A unique organisation of internet clubs for global outreach. now hosts a chain of internet clubs around the globe. 

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Singland Strategic Global Media in conjunction with Infocomm SG Consortium supports the research and relational building process. With its Strategic Global Media Plan, BPII Organization is in constant self-formation and growth. Singland SGM provides three distinctive application modules, namely infocomm.SG, e-biz.SG and Professionals.SG for transformational process. Singland SGM initiates the formation of Internet Club Organisation to promote the use of the cyberspace and social media tools. 

Historical Milestone : Singland SGM operates in conjunction with Infocomm SG Consortium, a business entity registered in 2008 and wholly owned by BPII.

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