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Entrepreneurial Innovation

We welcome all participants - students, graduates, educators, entrepreneurs, business  and professional service providers / owners - to join us in the development of this Members' Consortium for purposeful learning and knowledge sharing. We have formulated a Global Education and Business ( "E + B" ) Development Portal  @ Qcircle for your growth process. Here, you can learn to innovate and create your own job, profession or business to suit your aspiration or lifestyle needs wherever your are located.

We provide the Strategic Development and Integration Gateway to align your competencies, products and services into one global platform for mutual support and doing business worldwide. It's an integration process for you to be part of our eConsortium Ecosystem for growth with our internationally recognised knowledge portals and service brands.

The eConsortium Ecosystem

Qcircle is a digital platform of BPII. Uniquely a ecommerce enabled consortium with a built ecosystem for sustainable development and global exchange among networked members.  This eConsortium is for all educational, business and professional pursuits.  We support members in the research & regeneration of ideas for practical application and implementation of them under the aegis of one shared resource platform.

 We foster cooperative learning and business development among all our stakeholders with a prepared "E+B" environment @ Qcircle.  Here, members can enhance each other performances in today's digital world. As a Consortium Member, you are part of our new Ecosystem of Growth. We provide self-help initiatives and collaborative privileges. You can actualise them with good financial returns for work done and / or achieve your life mission purposefully.

Qcircle is now open for participation by subscription of a Consortium Plan. You can join us as a Starters Member / Qualified Client User or subscribe directly to an Affiliation Plan and advance to be a Registry Member at your own pace and place.

Strategic Partners and Investment Clienteles are also welcome to forge cooperative alliances and mutually beneficially pursuits at our open eConsortium.

Be a power for the good.


 Login direct at to register a Consortium Plan and be in the team for action wherever you are


submit your interest here, our Qcircle Certified Consultant will contact you shortly. All Strategic Partnering Proposals will be considered. 


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