The organisation with innovative pursuits.
Creating a new world Consortium.


Who we are.
We generate ideas and create values.

We are the leading hub in empowering the career of individuals and enhancing the performance of businesses. We advocate entrepreneurial innovation and structured a wide range of pathway opportunities for members to learn, innovate and re-invent themselves to enterprise in the global economy.

What we do.
We develop an Ecosystem for sustainable growth.

We integrate education and business into one shared knowledge management system for inter-disciplinary learning, cooperative development and enterprising among networked members . In the process, we created an ecommerce enabled Consortium and a distinctive eConsortium Ecosystem. 

What we offer.
A unique eConsortium @ Qcirle

We offer an open Consortium with an Education plus Business ("E + B") Development Portal for all to explore their potential and to help one another in the growth process. You can learn to innovate and enterprise with a Consortium Plan wherever you are located.




Global Education : Learn to Innovate 

Awards for members to be recognised @ Qcircle for job and business creation opportunities.


Global Business : Transform to Enterprise

Consortium Plan for members to continue purposefully @ Qcircle in their enterprising and entrepreneurial endeavours.

Education plus Business.
Integrated for entrepreneurial innovation and sustainable development. It features a shared knowledge management system for our networked members and strategic partners to work in synergy to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome. The Consortium Plan allocates business privileges and financial returns for members participation. Uniquely we are one eConsortium for growth together in today's dynamic world. 


The eConsortium @ Qcircle

Ecosystem of growth. Inter-disciplinary and transnational. One knowledge based Consortium for cooperative learning and business development worldwide. 

Privileges and Progression Plan

Job and Business Creation worldwide
Education + Business Development in one Portal. 
Learn. Innovate. Transform. Enterprise @ Qcircle.

The eConsortium Ecosystem

Interconnected for sustainable growth in a global economy.
One shared ecosystem for cooperative learning and enterprising

Registered trademark for eConsortium recognition and brand affiliation.




Qcircle is an online division of BPII Organisation, uniquely an eConsortium in constant self-formation, development  and growth. Qcircle is now open for participation through a choice of Consortium Plan.



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qcircle_CP_Members_CP_250x150Submit Partners Plan

Consortium Members are empowered to advance Qcircle and its applications as their value added services to enhance their business performance . The scope of services including job title/credential and business portfolio will be allocated on subscription of a Consortium Plan. The selected plan provides the Privileges and Program for financial returns.